Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Cosmos (2006)

For all you would be sci-fi writers and enthusiasts, let me introduce a good research material to read: “Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Cosmos (2006)”. A well-known physicist and theorist, Michio Kaku wrote the title. If I had read this book before writing my novels it would have saved me a whole lot of time and energy spent in scientific inquiries.


Parallel Worlds etc. is written in laymen language so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand many concepts involved. The title although quite long, says it all. Kaku produced a step by step guide to physics and mathematical theories, naming past and present experts in several fields and he does a great job explaining their work: from Newton’s law of gravity to Stephen Hawking’s black holes, space-time and quantum physics. The book contains intensive bibliographical information entertaining theoretic principles wherein you could apply them for reference in college science classes. There are also accounts of DNA and biological transmutations for space exploration and time travel. In other words, science fiction may not be fiction after all.

Dimensional portals, DNA hybrids and black holes are topics playing important parts in my second novel. Although an imaginative and entertaining space adventure, “Macrocosmic Spin” now appears as conceivable. Thank you Michio!

Kaku’s sensitive approach to religions, philosophy and science intertwine into a tree of knowledge; small wonder Japanese anime applies such depictions in their sci-fi/fantasy collections. After reading Kaku’s book I appreciate more the ideas presented by many Manga writers.

Take your time reading Michio Kaku’s book and pause for thought. Skip a few chapters and read where your interests lie. Skipping chapters only made me want to backtrack to get a better picture of what many scientists are thinking as well as, their relentless pursuit to understand our relationship to the cosmos.

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The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less


I received this book as a Christmas gift from my daughter Mey. Knowing how much she pursues economic independence in order to reach her goal to work and live at home with her son, I figured it was worth a read. Little did I realize how familiar the concepts were in relation to my studies on economic theory years ago.


The author, Richard Koch takes us into the world of economics and literally applies these principles to personal growth. Why did I select this book as a good read? As a self-published author I spend an exhausting amount of time  to publicize my book. Richard Koch describes “how anyone can accomplish much more with less effort, time, and resources by focusing on what counts”. Like the book’s title says, we can accomplish more with our life with 20 per cent effort and produce an 80 per cent outcome.

The book is divided up into economic self-help and personal growth. Instead of thumbing through the pages (like I do), the author lets you choose where to start reading. Koch asks the reader beforehand on whether they are more interested in the importance of business applications or to make major improvements in their life, using the 80/20 Principle. He then leads you straight to the contents of most interest.

Koch did not come up with the Principle,  Vilfredo Pareto coined it the Pareto Principle. Koch did take it to new heights and explains step by step how to use the Principle in laymen language. The Principle is derived from the chaos doctrine; to keep it simple: we all know how a deadbolt works: we put in a key, turn and voilà, the door is open. But most of us may not understand all those mystifying parts inside the knob that make it easy to turn the key with ease. Just looking into the internal mechanism seems chaotic, but it works. The world, is a chaotic geographical and biological structure populated by people with their feet to the ground, yet we live on a planet suspended in midair. How it that possible, and do we care?

Like it or not, our thoughts become chaotic when emotional circumstances leading to negativity need to be resolved. Until they are, a habit of over-cautiousness sets in, hindering progress, preventing us from seeing outside the box. Koch outlines a path to reach better outcomes by identifying positive and negative emotions so that one may change bad habits keeping us from moving forward. One of the concepts is to become happier by strengthening emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence?

 Excerpt: Even though a high IQ is no guarantee of prosperity, prestige, or happiness in life, our schools and our culture fixate on academic abilities, ignoring emotional intelligence, a set of traits—some might call it character—that also matters immensely for our personal destiny. (Daniel Goleman)

 Be ready to answer a lot of personal questions that will help you recover from upsetting emotions that produce inertia. I have to admit the book helped me identify circumstances leading to stress. I have a better understanding of what makes me tick and what bogs me down. I’ve become more motivated. I am now tackling the first half of the book dealing with economical output. Looks like  a bit of math involved, but I noticed there’s quite a few diagrams that may prove helpful.

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How to Publish your Work as an E-Book

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since my last post. As an unpublished author, I had quite a few hurtles to overcome getting my sci-fi novel published. There are a lot of publishers offering to help people like us to resort to self-publishing for a fee of course. Cost ranges from $1200.00 to $5000.00. Not having much cash on hand, I surfed the web for cheaper ways of getting published and e-books seem like a good option for me. Many publishers also offer the same alternative, again, for a fee of $500 or more.

For Dummies

For Dummies

Instead I found a title by Ali Luke called “Publishing E-Books for Dummies”. I was amazed to find resources for e-book publishing that are done cheaply or for free. Ali’s book only costs $25.00. She provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started and how to prepare a manuscript. The most important lesson I learned—always have someone proofread the final version before publishing. Trust me on this. What sounds good to you may be confusing to someone else. You want your reader to clearly understand what you wrote.

Second, Ali provides guidelines to have your book sale-ready.

  • Such as how to obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for the book.
  • Setting up an account with various distributors such as Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple.
  • Uploading e-books
  • Copyright information
  • Distribution of books
  • Adding payment information at various distributors mentioned above.
Quick start guide to creating an E-Book

Quick start guide to creating an E-Book

Once your novel is ready for publishing, it’s time to upload to an e-book management tool. For the purpose of this post, I used one of the management tools she listed in her book called Calibre, a software created by Kovid Goya. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows – XP, Vista, and 7 – as well as Apple’s OS X (and various mixes of Linux). I downloaded the software from the internet for free and I opted to give a small contribution to help in the advancement of this e-book converter. E-books have to be converted into either and EPUB or MOBI, depending on what the distributor requires. And Calibre will convert your files to either version.

Ali covers multiple topics such as:

  • Creating your E-book
  • Creating a website
  • Selling and Marketing your E-book
  • Getting reviewers for your book

Come to think of it, if any of you would like to review my book on, I will send the first five volunteers a free paperback copy.


R.R. Martin’s Fire and Ice Series

If you haven’t read R.R. Martin’s Fire and Ice Series, you’re missing big time suspense. The series which is now on television and wireless is the best fantasy fiction I ever read.  There are five books and I am impatient to read the last volume if it ever comes out sigh.

Martin make good use of Norse myths and legends to create his very own mystical 5163N91r6lL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_characters and beings.  The first book,  The Game of Thrones leaves out the supernatural and shows the gentlest and most dangerous  personalities you’d ever want to meet. So much mystery lingers when the northern lord named Stark follows his king to the south with his two daughters to arrange a marriage for one and a proper education for the youngest. Things get messy when Stark starts a personal investigation in the deaths of male children related to the court. I won’t say anymore because you really need to meet the queen from hell with a son to match.

There’s a lot of suspense and cliffhangers and action. The chapters are arranged by the name of characters which make it easy to locate a specific person and basically follow up the fate or adventures of each. There are maps showing various lands. Stark is the lord of the north and he has the task of keeping mutated or supernatural creatures away from the rest of the continent with the help of the Keep which has very long and high walls. His leaving the nest can only bring uninmaginable disaster.

R.R. is not afraid to kill off important characters for emotional effects on the reader. I like that. Many anti-heroes become heroes and vice versa. He writes well, easy to understand and follow. Whoever does his editing is a master.


But, and I say this with a big sigh,  that I was unhappy about the fifth book, Dance with Dragons. First of all, Martin introduced new characters like he’s on a mission to make unlimited volumes. I like closure and I want to know what happens to all the characters I came to love and detest. After all there are quite a few of them to begin with. Nevetheless you will love this fictional series.  Despite the size of each book, you will get through them because the story is fast paced with lots of twist and turns and evolving plots.

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Another Good Read

The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis Gene

I just finished a great science fiction novel by A. G. Riddle. It is his first sci-fi novel and what a thriller. I had trouble putting the book down. Riddle weaved a tale of suspense, action and non stop plodding with several of his characters.  Historical accounts are intertwined with futuristic themes.  The most vulnerable characters are intelligent and have a lot of grit. He keeps them moving non stop. Like his name there are quite a few riddles to solve and they are dangerous.

He does an excellent job of digging up aliens without revealing their identity so a Book Deux may be in the works.



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Michael Crichton

Welcome to my website. Although I am a big fan of Science Fiction, I do like to read historical works of non fiction. In this post I would like to introduce Michael Chrichton’s novel, The Great Train Robbery. I am writing a short article on this book because I enjoyed it very much. It had everything going for it; it was insightful, a good mystery, great con operation with daring exploits and much more. Most of all, it is based on a true story.

The Great Train Robbery of 1855 took place during the Victorian era in

The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

England. I downloaded this Kindle book to read on the plane of which seemed appropriate since I was vacationing in England. I am so glad I did as it provided a bit of nostalgia to all the historical sites I visited.

The main character, Edward Pierce’s last name does resound his cold and calculating nature, piercing into human nature as a tool for his plan to rob the gold bullion. He made good use of his insights in dealing and using  underworld figures. Pierce knew how to pick his people for a job that boggled even Scotland Yard. It was like reading one of Sherlock Holmes novels. Chrichton weaved  figures together beautifully.

The Great Train Robbery is indeed a true story and provides insight and 13thwarriorpostertidbits on Victorian moral attitudes. Chrichton relayed the story as a cross between fiction and actuality. He shufffled through historical records and document to reenact the characters with attributes worthy of their crime. Chrichton also did the same characterization with The Eaters of the Dead, providing Beowulf and his crew a more realistic approach to the Norse myth. The movie based on the book is called ” The 13th Warrior” starring Antonio Banderas, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Diane Venora and Omar Sharif.

If you ever get a chance to read The Great Train Robbery, you will not regret it.



Specimen AMAC-1 is the first book in the Veluli series. It’s a science fiction novel on DNA experimentation and kidnapped humans and other species. Unknown to many planets, they are unaware of their existence in a  federated galactic colony.

 Specimen AMAC-1. Volume on in the Veluli series. An Nlever scientist from the lab ship Nadir had seized an illegal specimen belonging to an Appol space colony. Decades of experiments conducted on the specimen brings end results that could make the Nlevers the dominant species. The specimen AMAC-1's innate capacity for self-destruction is problematic for all concerned. Compound with the fact that cloning ends in disaster, the Nlevers require more time to manufacture the AMAC'S DNA. But time is running short and the AMAC has other plans contrary to their strategy to gain economic supremacy.


The book has a strong female protagonist who had been abducted for cloning purposes due to her unusual DNA to absorb and replicate foreign genomes. She is known as an AMAC-1, who was previously a long term evolutionary specimen illegally taken by a rival Commonwealth Nation called the Nlevers. After fifty years of painful experiments performed on the AMAC-1, the Nlevers are steps away from successfully transplanting the AMAC’S DNA into their own. But time is running out.

The AMAC-1 has an agenda of her own; she and and her surrogate son plot to escape the space vessel. The problem is recruiting other captives who would go along with their plans. They discover a training ground to train the rebels for a price.