VELULI: Macrocosmic Spin

Volume two is a spin-off from Specimen AMAC-1. Despite undergoing DNA experimentation, there’s a lot of information the Nadir scientists concealed from Veluli, a rare and enhanced clone. And being a unique weapon complicates matters. The Appols are not about to set her free nor will the Orvapa’as. Veluli faces one trial after another, yet she is not ready to give up on her goal to take Kai to his home world Mang.
BookCoverPreview.doFinding a ride is difficult in itself, yet not impossible. It takes ingenuity and of course, fear. Fear is good when you can wield it carefully without wrecking a ship.

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Macrocosmic Spin Book two of the Veluli Series

Sample Chapter


In the ship’s lab, Goki discusses Dr. Backen’s recent encounter with Veluli to Drs. Miyar and Hiemi.

“I’m not insulting the woman. I’m just saying it was hilarious because it was totally unexpected.”

Miyar is standing with arms to her hips and retorts. “How do you think the AMAC-1 feels? Can you imagine going through such a severe phase, and it started on the Nadir under Nbleeru’s supervision. Shoshin! Is he blind?”

Hiemi listens to the both of them while reviewing all tests results performed on Veluli during her brief visit on Moon Base NB-001. Looking at a transparent monitor. “Taych she didn’t show any signs of menopause when we first examined her on Moon Base. Shoshin … how did I miss this?” She points to thermal readings in Veluli’s initial files.

“Goki! Look at her heat signature, it spreads farther out than the people around her. Captain Iya and yours are thirty per cent lower than hers.”

“You’re right. According to Backen, the Admiral had to reduce the temperature by twenty five degrees and the beverages were sizzling before she disappeared.”

Miyar sympathizes with Veluli, “Poor roki! So heat intensity is increasing. How long can her body sustain the heat? The temperature in the room would have risen to 55.44°C (131.79°F) had the Admiral not tampered with it. Do you really believe she could heat up whole sections of the ship?”

Goki shakes his head saying it’s an exaggeration. He then informs them of what Nbleeru said about Veluli’s last menopause. It was a normal, human, hormonal change. He believes the recent condition may be a severe reaction to hormones introduced by serkan DNA a year ago. The transition was probably too abrupt. As a result Veluli’s thyroid gland reacted aversely to treatment.

Older and childless, asexual serpents migrated along the shores of frigid waters and they remained there for 2-3 years. Research showed Serkas were enclosed in fog during the day. Their bodies produced enough heat to generate steam in reaction to the cold water. Nbleeru has no idea whether a Serka goes through such a period more than twice during their life span. There are no long-term studies on the subject. But one study did show a few barren Serkas who left the cold area and gave birth when they migrated back to warmer climates.

Goki brings up the matter of the space pocket. “She now has two portals. The flexible shield may have reacted in self-defense against the teleportation beams, so it is possible our equipment in combination with her shield created the first portal. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain how she was able to produce the second one in the Admiral’s quarters. And that worries me.”

“It had to be an unconscious response. I doubt we’ll have time to analyze the space pocket,” replies Hiemi. “Especially if the Admiral were to decide on captivity rather than offer a diplomatic solution. ”

“I agree with Nbleeru,” says Miyar. It is more productive to observe her from afar. Just thinking about the Nadir gives me the shivers.”

Suddenly a code red alert resounds. Goki contacts the bridge for information. Captain Gnen informs him of an intruder appearing in the Admiral’s chamber. Goki blurts out, “It’s Veluli!” He runs to a cabinet and dons an insulation suit and dashes out the door.

In Aziel’s quarters, the Admiral’s absence prompts Veluli to leave in search of him. In the corridor, she asks a passerby to contact him, but he runs away. She apprehends him with one of her shields and asks again for his assistance. Unfortunately body heat conducted through her shield weakens the young man and he coughs from a parched throat. She gently places him on the floor and continues her search. She is feeling very warm.

Goki spots her and smiles at an unusual sight. At the end of four long, green, pastel shields are spatulate-shaped fans. The fans circulate cool air from the corridor around her, producing a warm breeze. He shouts.

“Veluli! It’s me, Goki.” She looks him over, thinking how clever and well informed he is.

“A kay Goki, tey mey. Nice suit. You wouldn’t happen to know of the Admiral’s whereabouts? I wish to discuss the matter of dropping me off in the Aza belt where there’s a mining operation on a planet called Orcoz.”

He wonders how she knew of the place and suddenly feels unbearably warm from close contact.

“The Admiral is probably on flight deck and is aware of your presence. If you wait here he should arrive shortly.”

“I can’t keep the heat in check. It would be best to keep moving to cooler surroundings. By the way, your visor is steaming up.”

She jogs in another direction. Goki is unable to keep up and feels lightheaded. He staggers then falls to his knees, gasping and perspiring heavily. The cooling system is taking too long to react to the heat. He looks up to see a suited military detachment emerging from a right cross-section of the corridor. They are equipped with high-powered net thrusters. Veluli sees them and quickens the pace to evade capture. The team is lagging behind, but a member of the group fires the net and it’s a hit. It gets tangled up in one of her veils. Instead of stopping, she continues on, leaving a trail of sweat on the floor and walls. Two guards are pulling at the net, and then a third joins in. They lose their footing when the net can no longer be reeled, and the men are forcibly dragged along with her. A fourth jumps in and heaves. Seemingly out of nowhere, a yellow veil punches the man hard. He topples over the others and loses his grip. The net whirls behind Veluli and then quickly lashes back at them. One of the guards shouts.

“She’s too strong. We need a lomot!”

Veluli is drenched in sweat and it rains on bystanders. Suddenly a pleasant aroma gets her attention. The odor of food draws her to a seam in the door. One of her veils breaches it and pulls it open to a mess hall. She rushes inside. People dining suddenly get a whiff of her BO as she runs pass them. Faces cringe, and hands cover their nose. The room quickly warms up, exacerbating the smell.

Veluli queues the food line. She takes a tray and piles on the food, then grabs water bottles and stops to zip a latte-colored drink. She likes it, so she guzzles down one of the water bottles and refills it with the brew. At the other end of the room, doors slide open and in storms a team of suited men and women with loaded nets and two lomots.

“Dmuck! Gotta go. Mahako-tuk for the food!” One of her streamers juts upward and she vanishes.

The Admiral enters and everyone stands at attention and salutes. The smell of BO still lingers. Goki arrives with suit half off, huffing and puffing, “Where is she?”

The Admiral seems angry and waves his security team out. Unable to contain himself, he swears.

“Shoshin! Now that woman has a portal directly into the mess hall.” He yells at Goki.

“Why didn’t you employ the enhanced neurotransmitter to trigger dopamine to slow her down?”

“In my haste, I forgot it in the lab.”

“How close does she have to be to trigger the device?”

“Within four feet. And I was so close.”

“Make two devices for now and keep one on you at all times. What were you two talking about before you dropped to the floor?”

He recounts what had transpired. Admiral Aziel turns to leave and Goki follows and brings up the topic of her shield. “She wields that split shield of hers so fast, it leaves little time to apprehend her. When one of the guards netted her, it transformed into threads and slipped through the net in order to free itself. I measured the heat emanating from her at 10 degrees higher than the last appearance. She actually doesn’t require a shield to fend off an attack she was sweating bullets. To change the subject Admiral, how did she know about Orcoz?”

“Good question. We need another talk with Nbleeru before we drop him off on Space Station 21. The nets were his idea, but that’s no ordinary serkan shield, and she’s too shoshin fast. Better yet, let’s probe him again for answers he may not be aware of. I’ll have Dr. Miyar prepare a more comprehensive mind probe. We seem to be at a disadvantage.”

Contrary to the Admiral’s resentment toward Veluli, Goki is glad she got away. He had purposely left the enhanced DNA tracker in the lab to observe her reactions with other humans. No one was hurt and she showed concern for his well being. Admiral Aziel walks off and contacts Captain Gnen.


“Gnen, do we have any news concerning the nleverian scientist Nma?”

“Captain Yesek found traces of fuel toward the Vai Cluster and sent out a search party. We will know more in the next twenty hours Oka.”

“Very good. Any more news concerning salvaging operations?”

“Uko Admiral, our teams are unsuccessful. The ship’s logs and scientific archives disintegrated in the blast. However we can’t rule out the Nlever home world having had access to all information pertaining to the AMAC-1. Our immediate hope is to find Dr. Nma. The Nlever must be unconscious because his optics are not providing feedback.”

“What about Space Command? Have they dispatched a scientific team to take over research on the Nlever Moon Base?”

“The Nlever Security Council did not issue their final approval for Moon Base. They are disputing options to get around treaty regulations. Space Command ignored their tactics and have moved forward to the removal of the facility. Senator Ayo says space station engineers are setting up a mobile space block to navigate the facility to Appol 21. Fortunately the moment Captain Iya first stepped into the lab, all nleverian scientists were taken into custody and he took immediate action to retrieve all stolen goods along with research logs and the cloning equipment used for the sole purpose of incorporating the AMAC’s DNA into nleverian subjects. Appol 21 dispatched a research vessel to collect all items.”

“Very good Gnen. I am heading over to Dr. Miyar’s treatment room. Aziel out.”

The Admiral now recognizes the advantage of consenting to Veluli’s relocation to Orcoz. Although letting such an important weapon run freely is risky. If the enemy were to capture Veluli and convince her to collaborate with them, it would be disastrous. He would rather see her dead!

Copyright © 2015 by M Theresa Tseng

Book Two is now available.You may also order your autographed copy today for $11.00 plus shipping and handling. Hawaii charges an excise tax of .005 per cent.


Macrocosmic Spin Book two of the Veluli Series

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